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Fav Client Feature: Weekends

Stating that I have a favorite client would be tough. Each client offers a unique perspective, a unique set of needs and a unique style. So instead, I decided to feature a "favorite client" once a month, that way I have the opportunity to discuss and brag about each one of them, because they're all amazing!

This months "Fav Client Feature" is Weekends, with locations in both Port Huron, MI and Lexington, MI. Weekends was created in 1992 with the visions to bring unique, high end decor, accessories and gifts along with gourmet and local foods to the shores of Lake Huron. I remember visiting Lexington as a kid with my parents and wandering the charming lakefront town, bobbing in and out of the shops and spending hot days on the water. So naturally, when I was confronted with the opportunity to work with Jennifer and Lee, the owners of Weekends, I jumped on on it immediately.

Weekends has been going strong despite Michigan's economic struggles over the past few years. And now that Michigan is finally seeing a revitalization, Jennifer and Lee of Weekends are excited to expand their involvement in the community and continue to grow their brand! The downtown Port Huron location is nestled among many established businesses such as the Raven Cafe as well as up-and-coming venues such as the new Sperry's movie-house featuring state-of-the-art seating and food delivered right to your theater chair!

To keep up with the revitalization of the city, Weekends hired The Crimson Fox to give them a little bit of a facelift and freshen up the brand. Lee told me they haven't changed their look much since they opened in '92. While their physical atmosphere is gorgeous, featuring local art, freshly baked cookies under glass domes from Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, an extensive selection of high end spa products, fun jewellery, unique home decor and more; their branding needed to match their inherent style.

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