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Guest Blog: Sprouting Futures

Dylane and her dad making planter boxes. Original photo: @sproutingfutures

Over the summer I was honored when my cousin Dylane requested my assistance in creating a brand identity for her latest venture: Sprouting Futures. She recently launched her initiative and I really wanted to take the time to feature her incredible vision on my blog.

Dylane: "Sprouting Futures is a social enterprise that aims to employ and empower individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to provide quality plant arrangements while increasing the percentage of employed persons with disabilities.

At Sprouting Futures, we believe that neurodiversity in the workplace opens new doors. It has proven to decrease employee turnover, and increase profits. Our purpose is to give individuals paid job experience, and provide them with the tools to advocate for themselves and successfully fulfill their goals. As well as to raise awareness of how capable, driven, passionate, and talented this population is."

Sprouting Futures is located in California, but Dylane's vision travels miles and inspires us to do something for our local community. Please take the time to follow her journey on Instagram @sproutingfutures

You can inquire about Dylane and the initiative here:

Branding donated by The Crimson Fox

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