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With the summer season being one of the biggest attractions of Michigan, I was sure to be summoned to help out with the opening of our local cider mills. I design for Blake Farms on a regular basis, you could say it's my "day job," but when I get called in to do something a little more laid-back and fun, I of course have to jump on it! This time around, as we were discussing the remodel of our Northern Armada, MI location, we all decided a chalkboard wall would be the perfect accent to the fresh-faced North Ave. location. And I was immediately chosen to be the chalk artist for the day! And it was for the entire day! The artwork consisted of an image of Blake's jam jars, fun typography, a honey bee and honey comb to highlight Blake's honey, and, of course, and apple blossom branch (because Blake's is known for it's apple orchards). While i love my graphic design work, I live for fun and quirky projects like this!


If you have a business in the metro Detroit area or surrounding areas and are interested in some custom chalkboard art of your own, feel free to contact me!

xx, The Crimson Fox

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